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PixoLabo - Key Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Website

20 Key Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Website

20 Key Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Website

Updated July 2023

The Benefits of Creating a Website for Your Business

Why do I need a website, I already have a Facebook page & social media presence?

A lot of small business owners have this question in mind. Anyone who has been in digital marketing, social media, or website design gets this question a lot of times.

Why are websites essential for business? More specifically, why do small businesses require a website? Before trying out a new service or product, more and more people now go to the Internet to learn more about their purchases. As a result, having an online presence significantly impacts your company’s success. Therefore, the benefits of having a website when you run a small business are enormous.

There are many reasons why your business needs a website. The last year has been challenging for many businesses. It’s essential that in 2023, you make every effort to provide your company with as much success as you can. One of the ways you can do that is by ensuring your business has a website.

Do you want to grow your business online but are unsure about the benefits of having a website? If your business or product brand doesn’t have a website or you’re on the fence about getting one, here are the top reasons your business needs a website in 2023.

Top Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Website

Design by PixoLabo - Your Business Needs a Website Because Your Customers Expect It

Reason #1: Your Customers Expect It

The most important reason your business needs a website is that your customers expect you to have one! Tech-savvy consumers expect you to have a website to find more information about your business. Your website can help you generate business, increase brand recall value, promote goodwill for customers and target audiences, and deliver strong marketing messages.

Think of it this way. Your website delivers your marketing message 24 hours a day, 365 days a year! Apart from e-commerce websites, most professional websites are information-oriented and try to solve visitors’ pain points.

Reason #2: A Website Builds Trust

As long as you are online, your small business can build trust and credibility. Imagine you are looking for a specific product or service. You quickly search on Google and find a competitive website with good reviews. But keep in mind, to keep building trust, you need to stay up-to-date, look professional, and appear in search engines. Otherwise, you will lose this status soon.

Design by PixoLabo - Your Business Needs a Website Because of Decreasing Social Media Reach

Reason #3: Decreasing Social Media Reach

An important reason why your business needs a website is the diminishing reach of social platforms. You might have a dedicated page on social media, but do you think it is enough to attract new customers? Think twice! Having a business page on social media is not enough as every other business has. Most companies are now switching to building websites rather than relying solely on social media business pages.

Social media networks can increase your business, but not as much as a website can maximize the ROI. So while social media networks can boost business, banking just on them can be a huge mistake that can cost in the years to come.

Reason #4. Improve Brand Visibility

One of the most important things a business owner can do is showcase products on the web to prospective customers. To increase the chances of customers buying from your website, you need to establish your company details, such as who you are, what your brand represents, and what it stands for. It will set your business apart from other competitors in your industry. Without a credible website, providing a reliable user experience is challenging.

Reason #5. Control Your Narrative

We all know controlling what others say about your brand is difficult. However, you can influence this by writing your story on your business or product brand’s website. A website is far more efficient than print ads or snail mail brochures when it comes to helping brands spread their message, vision, and mission.

Design by PixoLabo - Your Business Needs a Website to Connect with Your Target Audience

Reason #6. Connect with Your Target Audience

One reason why your business needs a website in 2023 is to reach our target consumers. According to Google Search Statistics, every minute, more than 2.4 million searches happen through the search engine. Imagine, with that kind of search volume. There might be someone online right now looking for your service.

If you don’t have a website, guess who will get the business? Definitely, not you! But that competitor next door has a great-looking search-optimized website. So is that where you want your potential customers to end up?

Reason #7: Have More Constructive Conversations

The website is your platform to answer all potential customers’ basic questions about your business and brand. When people visit your website, they seek answers to basic questions like what you do, your products/solutions, location, contact details, etc.

Once they are satisfied with all that, they decide to either follow up or not. Remember, when you provide this information, keep it short and straightforward since consumers are increasingly impatient and expect immediate gratification.

PixoLabo - Reasons why your business needs a website: Showcase your products

Reason #8. Showcase Your Products

Regardless of your products, your business needs a website in 2023. We cannot stress enough that a website is the first interaction of your target audience with your brand. Therefore, how you position your business is totally in your control. In addition, you can display your offerings with features and provide short video tutorials or downloadable PDF instructions.

You can also highlight your awards, testimonials, and all the features that can alleviate your visitors’ pain points. Understanding the benefits of working with you increases your customers’ average time on the website. It can influence their decision to contact you.

Reason #9. Display Your Work

It does not matter which industry you work in; a website is an excellent way to display your work. You can use online portfolios, photo galleries, and customer testimonials to do this. You can show what makes your company unique and provide feedback about your work.

Reason #10: Maximize ROI

Creating a website does cost money, but a website provides more bang for your buck. A search-engine-optimized website puts you in front of thousands of potential consumers without spending much.

It can help you reach a broader target audience for promoting your services or products. In addition, a website’s content influences buying decisions and commercial transactions, no matter what service or product you provide. 

Reason #11: Establish Your Company’s Credibility

Another reason why your business needs a website in 2023 is your credibility. Suppose you want to show the world that you take your business seriously. In that case, it is time to invest in a professional website. 81% of retail shoppers conduct online research before buying. Mobiles are used by 51% of customers to discover and purchase new products or services. Not having a website can damage your credibility.

75% of consumers admit to making judgments on a company’s credibility based on their website design. Often, users first interact with a business through their website, so it’s not surprising that its design greatly affects their perceived credibility. In the end, people are likely to engage with a company they can trust, and the website is the stepping stone towards building that relationship.

PixoLabo - Reasons why your business needs a website: Offer social proof

Reason #12: Offer Social Proof

Customer behavior is driven mainly by what others say about your business. So even if your brand is rated 5 stars on review sites like FourSquare or Yelp, people expect to see your website to get more information about the brand. Since prospective buyers are already looking for you online, including customer testimonials on your site is a great way to impress potential buyers and provide social proof.

Reason #13: Compete With Industry Leaders

Did you know that having a website gives you a fair chance to compete with the giants of your industry? Creating an optimized website can rank higher and be at the right place at the right time. In addition, bidding for the right keywords can increase your website traffic and influence your consumer’s journey, typically beginning with research, recommendations, and reviews.

Having a prominent position on the search results page is one of the many ways to challenge your competitors. Therefore, if you don’t dominate the Internet, you give your customers a reason to buy from the competition.

PixoLabo - Reasons why your business needs a website: Improve customer service

Reason #14: Improve Customer Service

A website provides an easier way to serve customers. Answer frequently asked questions in your FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) section. You can reduce customer service costs and save time and money. 

Having an FAQ page also means that customers can get immediate responses and save time by helping to establish a positive long-term customer relationship.

Reason #15: Extend Your Business Hours

Having a website means your content is available to users anytime during the day, at their convenience. So regardless of when someone visits your website, in some way, you’re constantly interacting with them and can say goodbye to that ‘closed for business’ sign.

Being always accessible supports marketing and dramatically increases sales, especially for e-commerce companies. It also is a step towards effective customer service and relationship building. Especially if you have AI-powered chatbots enabled on your website that can solve the fundamental problems of your customers when they need it the most.

Reason #16. Expand Your Business

A professional web design and development service provider can help you expand your business to a greater level. A detailed website grabs the attention of potential customers and enhances conversion rates. As a result, small local companies that launched their websites have reported increased reach and engagement in every industry.

Reason #17. Educate Potential Customers

Your business needs a website to educate potential customers. Your website can provide free helpful advice on your products and services. Visitors can quickly view and place orders by presenting information deliberately and consistently. In addition, potential consumers can view and analyze every aspect of your product before buying. By adding a lot of quality information to your pages and products, you can accomplish both tasks simultaneously.

PixoLabo - Reasons why your business needs a website: Develop more leads

Reason #18. Develop More Leads

One of the compelling reasons your business needs a website in 2023 is that it can increase your chances of getting new leads. Once you have made yourself visible on the web, potential customers get interested in your product or services. They can learn more about your brand. Thanks to the Internet, your information is readily available for customers to check. It also increases your sales rate. Building a website requires you to invest a little bit; however, if done correctly, it can maximize the ROI of your brand. 

Reason #19. Promote Online Sales

In addition to expanding your business reach, having a website provides you with a new sales channel. It is relatively easy to open an e-commerce store. You can even add it to your company website. In this way, you can sell goods online in addition to your physical store.

Reason #20. Analyze Consumer Insights

Web analytics is another key reason your business needs a website in 2023. You gain insights into your typical customers, how they find your business, and what they like. This information helps you optimize your business website to maximize the number of purchases. In addition, media channels can affect your brand. They can even point out opportunities to change the offline aspects of your business, such as branch business hours, promotions, and product range.

PixoLabo - Your business needs a website

Your Business Needs a Website or Get Left Behind!

We hope you understand why your business needs a website in 2023. Whether your business is small or multinational, it is essential to help consumers find the products and services they need when surfing the Internet.

A professionally designed website is critical to increasing sales, boosting your bottom line, and growing your business. It lets you be in front of the right target audience with your brand’s story. Moreover, having a simple website costs some pennies and can provide huge returns over the long run.

Suppose you want to expand your business or product brand and reach a larger audience. In that case, having a social marketing strategy is no longer enough. The best way to showcase your products online is through a website. A well-designed and optimized website can help you reach more potential customers.

So instead of asking why your business needs a website in 2023, ask why not!

Now that you understand why your business needs a website in 2023, here are some tips to help you build a better business website. We are here to help!

PixoLabo - Let's Build You a Website!

Let’s Build a Website for Your Business!

Do you need to build a successful website or online store? Our team of professional designers will be happy to help you with this. But first, look at our portfolio and read our case studies.

Then, if you believe we are a good fit for your business web design needs, let’s talk! We offer a full range of consulting and design solutions for businesses and product brands.

And if you are still unsure how to build a successful website, let’s talk. We will listen to you, answer your questions, and determine how to build a high-converting website for your business or product brand!

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