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6 Tips for Improving Website Design for a Better User Experience

Many business websites fall short when it comes to user experience and usability. Bad user experience can hurt their potential reach, engagement, and conversions. Instead of frustrating your potential consumers take a look at how you can improve your website and increase engagement and conversions by following these simple steps.

Improving Website Design for a Better User Experience


Suggestions for Website Design Improvements

Every website serves a purpose. From merely providing information to selling products and services to interactive online communities, there are all kinds of options. But the success of any website depends on how usable it is. If your business website is falling short in that regard, improving website design for better usability is a must!

The design of your website has a significant impact on your online success. A well-designed business or e-commerce website compliments your brand image and reputation. Effective web design and usability engage and convert visitors into consumers of your product or service. However, if your website is lacking in design, chances are your visitors will simply move on to your competitor’s site.

Of course, useful and engaging web design is mostly subjective. But some basic principles make up good design. Do you get the feeling that your business website is not all it can be? These tips for improving website design for better usability are a great way to start.


PixoLabo - 6 Tips for Improving Website Design


6 Tips for Improving Website Design


Focus on Clean Typography

Modern consumers don’t read content; they scan it. By using large text and effective typography on your website, you help your visitors quickly scan the main message or information that you want to share with them. That includes making relevant text bolder, change the font color, or emphasize it to grab the attention of your website visitors.

The larger text also makes the content on your website easier to read. Using short paragraphs, breaking up long sections of text with headings, images, and bullet points is another easy way to improve website design for usability.


Use Attractive Images

Optimizing your text content to satisfy mobile consumers is one way for improving website design for better usability. You can do even better by using attractive and captivating images. Humans are hardwired to respond to visual clues, so why not give them what they want?

Visual content is compelling and influences our feelings, emotions, and even our actions. We recommend using a professional photographer to take photos of your company, team, and products. That way, you get high-quality images for use not only on your website but also on your social platforms and even your company blog.

If you don’t have the budget to invest in a professional photo shoot, you can make use of stock photography to add flair to your site. Keep in mind that using only stock images can work against you.


Use White Space Effectively

The effective use of white space in web design is another very effective strategy for improving website design for better functionality. White space is intentional space between elements that provides an elegant, clean, and uncluttered look to your business website.

White space can help your most important content to stand out and contribute to the visual hierarchy on your website. Keep in mind is that white space doesn’t have to be white. Any solid colored background void of any other design elements that would distract from the main message serves as white or empty space.


Add Contrast

Another method for improving website design for better usability is by adding contrast to your design elements. Contrast isn’t just about color. You should consider size contrast as well. White space can help you achieve color contrast to help your visitors differentiate between elements on your website. Size contrast is essential when you don’t intend to play too much with colors in your design.

Size contrast can help you arrange the visual hierarchy on your website. Just like typography, you have to add some size to your elements to make them look more important than other items. Generally speaking, more important design elements should be accordingly more significant.


Use Creative Icons

The use of creative icons can significantly improve web design, as well. You can use symbols to add extra visual appeal to your website or to tell visitors what will happen when they click on particular links or elements. You can use icons throughout your website to bring attention to your menu items, call-to-action-buttons, or else.

Don’t forget to add your social media icons to refer visitors to your social networks as well. Your target audience can be powerful brand advocates, so make sure to use that to your advantage.

Adding icons as a strategy for improving website design for better usability is more straightforward than most people think. Several font icon repositories offer many design styles and options. Icons are also available as stock graphics and images.


Improve Page Transitions

The popularity of the so-called long scroll websites leads to increased use of page transitions as a web design element. Nowadays, it is fashionable to use transitions between page sections, especially if you have a one-page website. For example, parallax effects can provide a smooth transition from one part of a page to another.

If you’re considering using transitions as a strategy for improving website design for better usability, make sure they are smooth, fast, and have a minimum impact on page load times. Quick and smooth transitions help avoid user frustration and site abandonment while improving the visual appeal of your redesigned website.


PixoLabo - Final Thoughts on Improving Website Design


Final Thoughts on Improving Website Design for Better Usability

I hope you like our suggestions for improving website design for better usability. Keep in mind that you may want to consider other website improvements based on your specific needs are requirements. Depending on the nature of your business or industry, you may need to add additional features and design elements to satisfy your audience.

When it comes to improving website design for better usability, the important thing is not to go overboard and adding every web design trend. Make sure that every element on your website has a purpose, instead of adding features and design elements because someone tells you they are cool!

The best approach is to optimize your website to meet or exceed the needs of your target audience. Ask yourself what your visitors expect to find, and then give it to them. Otherwise, you simply risk losing existing and potential consumers, which could hurt your business.


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How Did Improving Website Design Work for You and Your Business?

Improving website design for better usability is critical if you want to provide the best possible user experience. Usability is especially important if you’re going to attract and engage the ever more demanding mobile consumer.

We are here to help. Our team will listen to your concerns, evaluate your needs, and come up with a list of things you need for improving website design for better usability. We are here to help!

Here at PixoLabo, we offer a full range of website consulting and design services for businesses and product brands, including custom web design and development, e-commerce solutions, search engine optimization, brand design, and WordPress optimization.

Feel free to reach out to us and learn more about our business website design and redesign services. Our team can help you analyze your existing site and determine the type of website that will best support your business objectives. And we can help you add any missing web design features and elements.


Did You Improve Your Website to Provide a Better User Experience?

Did you try out any of our suggestions for improving website design for better usability? Which ones did you try out, and what kind of results did you achieve? Do you have any other tips or ideas for improving web design? Please feel free to comment below so our audience can benefit as well, and grab our feed, so you don’t miss our next post! And feel free to share our post with your audience!


Thank you! We appreciate your help to end bad business websites, one pixel at a time!


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