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Case Study – Japanese Fine Dining Restaurant

Our team worked with Sushi Kashiba in Seattle's Pike Place Market to create a new online presence that accurately reflects the traditional Japanese Sushi Experience.

PixoLabo - Japanese Fine Dining Restaurant Web Design Case Study

Japanese Fine Dining Restaurant WordPress Website

Project Summary

The client is a Japanese fine-dining restaurant that opened in December 2015. The client needed to establish a web presence with the restaurant’s opening, so PixoLabo was selected to design the website. Work began in August 2015, and the site launched with the restaurant’s opening.

Feedback Summary

The client is extremely pleased with PixoLabo’s work. The website has significantly improved the restaurant’s visibility, including receiving press coverage from local and national publications. The client particularly appreciates PixoLabo’s ongoing maintenance of the site and the personal touch they add. They are highly recommended to others.

PixoLabo - Japanese Fine Dining Restaurant Web Design Case Study


Please describe your organization.

Sushi Kashiba is a Japanese fine-dining restaurant in Seattle, Washington.

What is your position?

I am the director of operations.

Opportunity / Challenge

What was the business challenge you were trying to address when you approached PixoLabo?

We opened our restaurant at the beginning of December 2015. We were looking to have a web presence.

PixoLabo - Japanese Fine Dining Restaurant Web Design Case Study


Please describe the scope of their involvement in greater detail.

PixoLabo developed a website for our restaurant and continues to maintain it. They have search engine optimization [SEO] experience, so I’m sure that was built into the code. Search engine presence is working very well for us. We haven’t engaged in any proactive marketing. Our work was more foundational.

How did you come to work with PixoLabo?

We had worked with one of their partners in the past and were quite pleased with her results. We decided to work with PixoLabo again, and once again they’ve done what we expected.

Could you provide a sense of the size of this initiative in financial terms?

The development cost for our website was within market average. We also received a loyalty discount. The site has no e-commerce, reservation-making, or other special functionalities. It’s simply a descriptive page for our restaurant, which was reflected in the price.

What is the status of this engagement?

The preliminary, planning-out stage for laying out functionality and navigation elements started in August of 2015. The website has been launched. PixoLabo is currently hosting our site and providing general maintenance, including site work and traffic optimization.

Results and Feedback

Could you share any statistics or metrics from this engagement?

The website has set a very good light for our restaurant. We’ve received significant press coverage within The Seattle Times and even national publications. PixoLabo has been quick to update our info and host those reviews, as well as calibrate for the rise in traffic which we’ve experienced as a result. Since they are the host, this was easy to do.

The site does its job: clients can look at our menu and get all the other information they need for visiting our location.

What distinguishes PixoLabo from other providers?

They’ve provided a personal touch. PixoLabo is not a huge firm. They’re more of a boutique, which is really appreciated. It means that they can get the work done faster.

Is there anything PixoLabo could have improved or done differently?

Our site has only been up for three months, but everything so far has been exceptional. I don’t think this will change because we’ve worked with PixoLabo in the past and everything was fantastic.

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