Project Summary

PixoLabo revamped an infrastructure broker’s brand with a new WordPress website and updated copy. They also took pictures for the website and will soon engage in minor SEO work.

Feedback Summary

The updated website provides enhanced recognition which helps to earn the business of larger companies. PixoLabo’s work increases credibility and better demonstrates a broader range of capabilities. They exceeded expectations with expertise and enthusiasm at a fair price.


Introduce your business and what you do there.

Portfolio Communications is an infrastructure broker located in Seattle, Washington. We specialize in helping medium-size, nationwide businesses with their telecommunications infrastructure by sourcing bids from multiple carriers for multiple technologies for them. Examples would be a network to connect all of their locations and Internet and dial tone and co-location facilities and hosting and so on. We’ve been in business for about 11 years and we have approximately 10 full-time staff.


What challenge were you trying to address with PixoLabo?

We needed to more effectively articulate what our value proposition was to a potential client. We needed to provide evidence of our work to substantiate our credibility with our existing client engagements. We had not been able to do a good enough job of that previously. Technology changes so fast and our website didn’t have enough of the additional newer technologies featured on there that we had used to help solve client issues. Those are the main three reasons we sought out an agency. One of the differentiators was trying to find somebody who could write technology business-centric content as opposed to just doing a website, someone who could actually help us with crafting the content.


Please describe the scope of their involvement in greater detail.

The scope included crafting entirely new website content, a new website that was mobility centric and then continuing to provide ongoing hosting, management, and update services to the website. They used HTML5 and the CMS platform was WordPress. I like the fact that with WordPress, we can go in and edit content. I like the ease of uploading a new employee or new case studies. I also like the flexibility of the site to render correctly on a mobile platform whether it’s a cell phone or a tablet.

PixoLabo hired a third-party person that specializes in copywriting. She provided a form in which she asked us questions, not so much about technology specifically, but about what we were trying to convey and how we are different. She provided the context and environment to ask us questions that led to the outline of the site and some of the content that we weren’t able to come up with on our own.

PixoLabo also brought in a photographer who advocated that instead of paying for stock photography that might be found on other websites, they could do a fair amount of photography and use that on our website and make it more personal. They took photos of our staff and our office for the site. That worked out pretty well.

We are going to be engaging in an initiative for SEO as well. On a scale of 1–10, 10 being crazy SEO, this is going to be like a four, pretty basic, just enough to get us in a reasonable spot. We’re going to start that next week.

How did you come to work with PixoLabo?

We found PixoLabo online. We interviewed approximately seven companies. We narrowed it down to three, and then to two. It was their enthusiasm, their previous work, their willingness to provide the content person, the fact that they had a copywriter available, and their ability to get started quickly that led us to choose PixoLabo. Pricing was fair and compelling; they weren’t the most expensive or the least. It was about who could fulfill our needs.

How much have you invested with PixoLabo?

We have invested $7,000.

What is the status of this engagement?

We worked together from December 2016 until March 2017. Since then we have used PixoLabo for periodic updates and modifications.

Results & Feedback

What evidence can you share that demonstrates the impact of the engagement?

We’ve become better known for going after more complex technologies and working with bigger and bigger companies over the years. The website did not convey that. This allowed us to more accurately represent what we do currently, how we do it, and why we’re a worthy consideration from some of these larger companies. It allowed our sales staff to feel more confident because the website has so much more credibility. We don’t expect many people to search us out on the web to get our services, although that’s great when it happens. Our new website provides the credibility that we need.

How did PixoLabo perform from a project management standpoint?

They did a good job. It was clear and consistent. No issues.

What did you find most impressive about PixoLabo?

Gregor, [Owner, PixoLabo] who I would define as the frontman for the company, was most impressive. His enthusiasm and willingness to jump in is a big differentiator. His affinity for working on websites and trying to do a good job for a good price is genuine. He’s not just the sales guy trying to pitch you. I appreciated that. As an owner of a company, dealing with the owner of the company is something I prefer. His understanding of the need for mobility first was another differentiator. Everybody claims that they’ll do that. It’s almost a given, but he differentiated it himself compared to the other companies. He explained why it was more and more relevant now. Lastly, he has a very acute understanding of Google Analytics and how they assess the site relative to SEO. That was a big differentiator as well.

Are there any areas PixoLabo could improve?

In the past, the methodologies of creating a website outline included what I learned as wireframing. PixoLabo advocated not doing that and rather just creating content in Word and using that as the file to refine and evolve between the content person, them, and us. That helps to start things off with, but at some point, we told them that we needed an outline because I didn’t understand where all the individual content was supposed to go. That allowed us to work more efficiently. Once we had that, I understood what it was supposed to look like on the site. That’s a very different look and feel than just having it on a Word doc.


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