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Multilingual Web Design

In our globally connected world, multilingual web design services are essential. It will be much more challenging to succeed if you do not adequately translate and localize your site’s content.

Having a website with content only written in English means your brand is already missing out on over 95% of the world’s population! Websites need to be multilingual and multiregional to keep businesses competitive.

And there are many other benefits of having a multilingual website.

Creating a globally localized presence


Your Audience is Global. How About Your Website?

We live in a multicultural world. Moreover, due to advances in communication technology, led by the Internet, businesses have even more opportunities to sell globally.

The team here at PixoLabo helps businesses and organizations connect with global audiences through multilingual web design services tailored to each client and audience.

We utilize our translation and web design experiences and expertise to build sites in over 20 languages. These languages include English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, and Chinese.

What is Multilingual Web Design?


Multilingual web design and development refers to designing a website that offers content in more than one language. Despite English being the most commonly used language for the Internet, it is not surprising to see that the development of multilingual websites is getting increasingly popular.

A multilingual website has content written and spoken in more than one language. A multiregional website has content that explicitly targets users in different countries. Having content written in the reader’s native language will feel more connected, leading to higher conversions.

Your audience should be able to understand and connect to the website’s message. That way, your website visitors are more enticed to contact your business. Without a multilingual website design, expanding your business outside the demographics of the target language will be nearly impossible.

Want to see how we do it?

The Benefits of Multilingual Web Design: 

  • Display text in the language preferred by the user
  • Instant translation and availability of the translated text
  • No change to the dynamic nature of the website
  • Enhanced user experience
  • Improved web traffic

We Specialize In: 

  • Multilingual Websites
  • Multilingual E-Commerce
  • Content Creation
  • Content Translation
  • Content Editing
  • Native Check
  • Multilingual Interface Design
  • Multilingual Image Descriptions
  • Multiple Language Management
  • Localized UX Design
  • Backend Translation
  • Metadata Translation
  • Website Localization
  • Multilingual SEO
  • Cross-Cultural Consulting

our Multilingual web design services


PixoLabo excels in dynamic multilingual website development services for global businesses and product brands. Our expert team of native speakers, translators, multilingual web designers, and developers creates innovative and user-friendly website designs. We are well-versed with the right tools and knowledge to develop custom multilingual websites catered to your exact requirements.

We know that many factors are at play when looking at a design for multiple languages. These include language translation, character sets, and cultural translation, influencing critical design decisions.

  • Translation: Native speakers can help get the best translation with the proper context. Dates, numbers, and currency all have special considerations for each language.
  • Character set: Different languages use different alphabets. Many Western European languages use the Latin alphabet, but there are differences in letters, especially accents. Other languages utilize different scripts, for example, Cyrillic. These all require different character sets to be used within the website.
  • Text direction: Most Western languages are written left to right. The most common exceptions are Arabic and Hebrew, written right to left. And of course, you can also write Chinese and Japanese characters top to bottom.

PixoLabo can provide complete services from consultancy and translations to website launch and ongoing support.

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