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A Brief History

We are the little agency that could.

How two creatives turned a small freelance design studio into a multinational WordPress web design agency working with global businesses and product brands.

— Humble beginnings

It all started with four cats.

It all started more or less as a joke. Our founders, a Japanese photographer and a German photographer, lived with their four cats in Seattle back in the 1990s. We did freelance photography and design jobs for friends and neighbors to earn some extra money. One day we discussed a name for our little startup and settled on Hungry Cats Imagine. As in hungry cats imagine you hiring us so we can earn money to feed them!

The timing was right.

Fast forward to 2004. We just moved into a beautiful (and huge) loft in Seattle's Pioneer Square district when one of us got laid off. Well, the timing seemed right to start our own agency. And we could rely on each others support. "You did what?! Are you out of your friggin mind?!" Well, we got our first big client, and never looked back.

The coffee shop days.

We grew into a small but innovative professional web design agency from our humble beginnings. At first, we only offered graphic design and photography services but quickly added web design and development to our service offerings. We often met with our clients in coffee shops around Seattle during these early days.

We had fun learning new skills.

Over the years we underwent a number of changes in order to adapt to advances in web design and technology and the changing requirements and expectations of our global clients. It worked like this; if a client asked if we could provide a certain service we said yes, and then figured out how. We learned a lot, and had a lot of fun doing it!

Today we work with clients worldwide.

In 2018 our founders moved to Japan and established a second studio in addition to our team in Seattle. For a modern and advanced country, most Japanese businesses had very outdated websites. Being multilingual gave us the added advantage of introducing Japanese brands to audiences in North America and Europe. Two years later we formed a strategic partnership with a design agency in Europe to expand our reach. Today our web design agency works with clients in the US and Canada, SE Asia, and Europe. And we are not done yet! The story continues...

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