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2nd Watch

Mobile-First WordPress and UX design for global Amazon web services provider.

PixoLabo - Mobile-First WordPress Design for 2nd Watch

2nd Watch is a global Amazon Web Services (AWS) provider and cloud computing expert based in Spokane, WA. When they contacted us they had a mismatched online presence that did not reflect their vision and innovation. Their website was not mobile-friendly and not visually ap;pealing. We recommended a mobile-first WordPress website to overcome these obstacles.

art direction and strategy

When 2nd Watch contacted us they were recognized as one of the top AWS providers in the world. Unfortunately their website did not reflect that, which became a big problem for the company. To make matters worse, several website updates only added to the brand confusion and visual clutter. Therefore our mobile-first web design for 2nd Watch started with a discovery consult to determine the overall direction of this project.The client did have some well defined ideas for their new online presence, and were interested in exploring the implementation of all or some of them.

ux design

Needless to say this client expected the very best from the highly caffeinated agency, and our designers and developers started to create the overall design concept and functionality. Once this step was completed we were able to start the actual mobile-first web design for 2nd Watch in earnest. 2nd Watch already had a fairly well formulated idea as to what their ideal website would look like. Based on that our team was able to create a visually bold and stunning site that uses different microinteractions to engage site visitors. Our teams worked with the client through a number of design and technical iterations until we came up with the required overall look and feel.

web design and SEO

The last part of the actual mobile-first web design for 2nd Watch was to tweak individual design elements to match the client’s expectations. Our WordPress web design project for 2nd Watch also included helping the client establish a more effective content and SEO strategy that better aligns with their global business objectives. The final step in this challenging mobile-first web design project was to tweak all the different design elements and functionality to provide an exceptional user experience and optimize the site for performance. Overall the mobile-first web design for 2nd Watch was one of our most challenging projects ever, and our team is very proud of the results we were able to provide.

PixoLabo - 2nd Watch Home Page
PixoLabo - 2nd Watch Page Detail
PixoLabo - 2nd Watch Page Detail

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