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Developing an online shopping option for a specialty retailer.

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Project Goals

Agate Designs is a small family-owned business in Seattle’s historic Pioneer Square district specializing in minerals, fossils, crystals, and related décor items. When the COVID-19 crisis impacted their retail business, they reached out to us to develop an online shopping option for their existing website.

We recommended a custom WordPress e-commerce website to showcase their unique products to new and existing retail customers.

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Product and content strategy


The first step in building the new e-commerce store for Agate Designs was to help them create product categories, descriptions, and images.

Based on our recommendations, the client was able to provide product and detail images. Our team color corrected and optimized them for web use.

We also helped the client develop product descriptions and other information to showcase their unique décor and other items better.

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Web and UX Design


Once we completed this step, we were able to start designing the online store for Agate Designs. We previously created the brochure website for this client. Adding online shopping options was an ideal opportunity to refresh the overall design of their online presence.

Agate Designs did not require a large site. The client favored a minimal design approach. An inviting home page, a short description of the family business, and a simple, functional contact page were the primary requirements.

Based on that, our team designed a mobile-first WordPress and WooCommerce website that provides an excellent user experience across all devices. By combining images with bold design elements, we created an elegant and sophisticated look for Agate Designs.

Through practical usage of images and colors/textures, we focused the viewer’s attention on specific aspects of the site while providing a great mobile user experience.

E-commerce design


The last step of our WordPress e-commerce design project for Agate Designs was to create their new online store, shopping cart, and payment gateway.

Based on the WooCommerce platform, their new online store integrated perfectly with their mobile-first WordPress website. We designed minimal shop and product pages that match the overall design of the website.

To facilitate future expansion of their product offerings, we created sortable categories that make it easy to find specific products. Both the shopping cart and payment gateway are mobile-first and provide an enhanced user experience regardless of device type or screen size.

To allow the client to focus on the retail store operation, we maintain the online store and product catalog. Our team works with Agate Designs to add and update products on the online store as part of our website hosting and optimization services.

PixoLabo - Agate Designs Page Detail



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