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Amoveo Mundi

Multilingual mobile-first UX and WordPress web design for non-profit organization.

PixoLabo - Mobile-First WordPress Design for Amoveo Mundi

Amoveo Mundi is a non-profit organization based in Oakland, CA. When this client first contacted us they did not have an online presence, but needed one urgently to raise funds and support for their mission to make the world a better place. And the organization needed to present their information in multiple languages. We recommended a multilingual WordPress site as a solution.

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When this nonprofit organization from Oakland, CA, first contacted us they had a domain, and a vision. Now they wanted to combine the two into a multilingual WordPress website to raise awareness and donations for their cause. So far, so good! However, Amoveo Mundi had much less comprehension of the complexities that are part of a multilingual WordPress website project. We knew we had our work cut out for us. The first steps in building this multilingual WordPress website involved helping the client figure out what kind of content they needed to tell their story, and how that content should be structured on their website

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This phase also included helping Amoveo Mundi source appropriate images for use on their new multilingual WordPress website. Once we had some content and images to work with we could take the next steps. The next phase focused on the design of the new multilingual WordPress website. The client was very focused on an extremely minimal and innovative design approach for their new website. Amoveo Mundi intended their new multilingual WordPress website to connect them to a global audience.Therefore it was essential to keep the overall design bold and minimal while encouraging visitors to explore content through interactive elements.

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The final phase of the project involved the “multilingual” part of this multilingual WordPress website project. Once the design and English content was complete the client provided the Spanish and Hebrew versions of the text content. Our team added multilingual support functionality and placed the translated content not only on the actual pages, but in navigation menus, widgets and CTAs as well. Once we resolved a number of last-minute technical issues we launched this multilingual WordPress website. It was a bit more challenging than most because of the language differences, but the client is very happy how it turned out.

PixoLabo - Amoveo Mundi Home Page
PixoLabo - Amoveo Mundi Page Detail
PixoLabo - Amoveo Mundi Page Detail

If you are interested in our multilingual mobile-first WordPress web design services please feel free to provide your contact info and some basic information, and we will get in touch.

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