Anza Gems E-Commerce Design

An updated look and I\improved e-commerce capabilities for a custom jewelry and gemstone retailer.

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Project Goals

Anza Gems is a custom jewelry company specializing in East African gemstones and jewelry. The firm works with and represents a variety of miners, cutters, and designers. When this client first contacted us they had an outdated online presence with limited e-commerce capabilities.

We recommended a mobile-first WordPress e-commerce website to present the miners, utters, and gem designers, as well as meet the expectations of both wholesale and retail customers.

Art direction and branding


The first step in building the new e-commerce presence for this client was to help them identify the primary objectives and target market for their new online store, as well as create a minimal, yet sophisticated, design strategy.

Once this step was completed we were able to start the actual design of the new mobile-first online store for Anza Gems. As the client had numerous specific requests and functionality requirements, this proved to be a challenging task for our team.

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PixoLabo - Anza Gems on iPhone 12

UX/UI Design


Anza Gems already had a fairly well-formulated idea as to what their ideal e-commerce site would look like. Based on that our team created a mobile-first WordPress and WooCommerce website that provides an excellent user experience across all devices.

Through effective usage of images and colors/textures, the viewer is quickly directed to the appropriate content, thereby providing a better mobile user experience.

The final part of the WordPress e-commerce web design for Anza Gems was to tweak individual design elements to match the client’s specific expectations. This included adjusting design elements specifically for different mobile devices.

E-commerce design


The final step of our WordPress web design project for Anza Gems was to create their actual online store, shopping cart, and payment gateway. Based on the WooCommerce platform their online store integrated perfectly with their mobile-first WordPress website.

To facilitate future expansion of their product offerings we created sortable categories that make it easy to find specific products. Both the shopping cart and payment gateway are mobile-first and provide an enhanced user experience regardless of device type or screen size.

We also helped the client to integrate their online store with their existing accounting system and software. Our team continues to work with Anza Gems to further enhance the capabilities and functionality of their new online store.

PixoLabo - Anza Gems Page Detail



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