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Sushi Kashiba

Mobile-First WordPress and UX design for Seattle's premiere sushi restaurant.

PixoLabo - Mobile-First WordPress Design for Sushi Kashiba

Sushi Kashiba in the Pike Place Market is one of the premiere sushi restaurants in Seattle, WA. And this is not the first website we built for them. When Sushi Kashiba recently contacted us to discuss adding a new look and functionality to their current site we recommended a mobile-first WordPress website update to achieve their objectives.

art direction and content strategy

Creating great sushi is more like an art form than cooking. Watching a sushi master at work is like watching Picasso at work. What looks so easy takes decades to perfect. The same is true for a sushi restaurant WordPress website. It needs to introduce the artist to the audience with simple, understated elegance. This extends to creating the online presence as well. Less is definitely more in this case, which is why our WordPress design team spent a lot of time determining exactly what should be on Sushi Kashiba’s new WordPress website, and where that content would be most effective.

ux design

From the very beginning Sushi Kashiba told us they were not interested in your average restaurant website. Instead they looked to create an innovative and intriguing online presence that would set them apart from everyone else. We worked with Sushi Kashiba to translate that vision into their online presence. This meant building their initial online presence based on the WordPress CMS, as well as a more recent update. Our WordPress design team added some advanced functionality, including an intriguing splash page as the initial intro to their online presence.

web design

This recent update also included adding video and new images to the site. This would add a new layer of sophistication and visual appeal. Since the food and location images were taken specifically for the new website they fit seamlessly into the design. Subtle colors and textures were also taken directly from the restaurant interior. The final result is a very minimal and understated WordPress restaurant website. A few simple parallax effects enhance the design, rather than overwhelming it. As Shiro Kashiba, the owner of Sushi Kashiba, said: “The site design transcends the Japanese sushi culture.”

PixoLabo - Sushi Kashiba Home Page
PixoLabo - Sushi Kashiba Page Detail
PixoLabo - Sushi Kashiba Page Detail

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