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  • Client: Network Architects
  • Year: 2017
  • Role: WordPress Design
  • User Interface

  • User Experience

  • WordPress Design

  • User Interaction

  • Content Strategy

  • Creative Direction

Network Architects is an IT service provider based in Bellevue, WA. When this client first contacted us they had an outdated online presence that did not match the firm’s vision and experience. Their website was not mobile-friendly and difficult for them to manage and update. We recommended a mobile-first WordPress website to overcome these obstacles.

Content & Information Strategy

The first step in building the new online presence for this client was to identify suitable imagery to illustrate at times abstract concepts, as well as create a content strategy and actual content to make their online presence less dry and more appealing to potential clients. Once this step was completed we were able to start the actual mobile-first Network Architects WordPress web design project in earnest.

UX / UI Design

Network Architects already had a fairly well-formulated idea as to what their ideal website would look like. Based on that our team created a mobile-first WordPress website that provides an excellent user experience across all devices. Through effective usage of images and colors/textures, the viewer is quickly directed to the appropriate content, thereby providing better mobile user experience. The last part of the actual mobile-first web design for Network Architects was top tweak individual design elements to match the client’s expectations.

WordPress Web Design & SEO

Our mobile-first for Network Architects WordPress web design project also included initial on-page and on-site SEO services to help them turn the digital needle by attracting and engaging a larger target audience. We are also working with the client to establish a more regular content marketing strategy, including video posts and sharing related content on their blog.
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