Ramper Innovations

Ramper Innovations

Mobile-First WordPress and UX design for air cargo material handling equipment manufacturer.

PixoLabo - Mobile-First WordPress Design for Ramper Innovations

Ramper Innovations is an air cargo material handling design and manufacturing company based in Sitka, AK. When this client first contacted us they had a very basic online presence. With an imminent new product launch and the need to attract both buyers and potential investors this was not sufficient.. We recommended a building a new WordPress website to help them achieve their objectives.

art direction and information strategy

The first step in building the new mobile-first WordPress website for Ramper Innovations was to identify suitable imagery to illustrate their product design and manufacturing process. This was a bit more challenging than usual due to the nature of their product as well as their location. Luckily the client had many connections in the aviation industry in Alaska, which enabled them to provide the required images. Once this step was completed we were able to start the actual mobile-first Network Architects WordPress web design project in earnest.

brand design

The next phase involved updating the brand identity for a more modern look and feel that better represented Ramper Innovations. The new logo and branding is simple, yet elegant, and also provided the color palette for their new WordPress website. Next we helped the client develop an improved information architecture and content strategy to quickly convey key points of their product and the benefits it would provide to users. Ramper Innovations provided the initial website content, which we edited for style and clarity. The final step of this phase was to make the final image selection for their new website.

ux and web design

The client already had a fairly well formulated idea as to what their ideal website would look like. It had to showcase the benefit of using their product both top potential investors as well as air cargo companies interested in their product. Based on that our team created a mobile-first WordPress website that provides an excellent user experience across all devices. The last part of the actual mobile-first web design for Ramper Innovations was to tweak individual design elements to match the client’s expectations. The new site design is better aligned with the client’s business objectives.

PixoLabo - Ramper Innovations Home Page
PixoLabo - Ramper Innovations Page Detail
PixoLabo - Ramper Innovations Page Detail

If you are interested in our multilingual mobile-first WordPress web design services please feel free to provide your contact info and some basic information, and we will get in touch.

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