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Sarah Ioannides

Sarah Ioannides is the Music Director of the Tacoma Symphony and an internationally known conductor, musician, and lecturer. When she first contacted us, her website was outdated and did not provide a good user experience.


Sarah Ioannides


WordPress Design


November 2020


Project Goals

Sarah Ioannides is the Music Director of the Tacoma Symphony and an internationally known conductor, musician, and lecturer. When she first contacted us, her website was outdated and did not provide a good user experience. We recommended a custom WordPress website that would reflect her international reputation. The new website will showcase her professional achievements and provide additional information about her professional and private life.

The first step in building the new custom WordPress website for this client was to help them identify the primary objectives and target audience for their new online presence and create a minimal yet sophisticated design strategy.

Sarah Ioannides wanted to present both her professional and personal information in separate sections, each with individual navigation menus and information architecture.

Both sections had to blend into a cohesive design strategy and allow for easy transitions between the two. Also, our design team had to allow for an extensive archive of previous works and performances.

The client wanted to showcase and present the information in various multi-media formats, including video, recordings, images, and text content.

Once our team completed this step, we could start designing the new mobile-first online store for Sarah Ioannides Music.

As the client had numerous specific requests and functionality requirements, this proved to be challenging for our team.

Sarah Ioannides already had a well-formulated idea as to what her website should be. Her vision included specific requests regarding both design and functionality.

Based on that, our team created a custom WordPress website that provides an excellent user experience across all devices.

Through practical usage of images and colors, the viewer is quickly directed to the appropriate content, thereby providing a better mobile user experience.

The next step of the custom WordPress website design for Sarah Ioannides Music was to tweak individual design elements to match the client’s exacting requirements.

This step included creating numerous custom options and functionality to meet Sarah’s specific needs.

Our UX design team further adjusted all design elements specifically for different mobile devices.

The final step of our custom WordPress web design project for Sarah Ioannides Music was to build the new website using a modular framework.

Our team created individual modules for the different types of content. This design approach makes it easier for Sarah to add new content herself.

As part of the custom WordPress web design project, we also integrated a newsletter opt-in and social sharing functionality.

To help Sarah Ioannides Music increase search rankings and visibility, we performed basic on-page and on-site SEO configuration and implemented a long-term SEO strategy.

After launch, our team optimized the new site for page speed and security. Our team tested performance and functionality across all devices and screen sizes. We also host and maintain the new site for the client.

Our team continues to work with Sarah Ioannides Music to enhance their new online presence’s capabilities and functionality. Continued support and enhancement will keep the new website optimized and user-friendly.

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