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Website Redesign

  • Client: Soha & Lang PS
  • Year: 2018
  • Role: WordPress Design
  • User Interface

  • User Experience

  • WordPress Design

  • User Interaction

  • Content Strategy

  • Creative Direction

Soha & Lang is a law firm specializing in corporate litigation based in Seattle, WA. When this client first contacted us they had a monochromatic and very stark online presence that did not match the firm’s vision and experience. Their website was not mobile-friendly and difficult for them to manage and update. We recommended a mobile-first WordPress website re-design to better reflect the firm’s vision and appeal.

Art Direction & Strategy

The first step in building the new online presence for this client was to identify suitable imagery to illustrate their legal services. Our team made some basic recommendations and helped the firm source images from our extensive stock archive. We also took images of their office as well as a few new team members. Once this phase was completed we were able to start the actual WordPress web design project for Soha & Lang could begin in earnest.

UX / UI Design

Because Soha & Lang already had an existing online presence we could not make drastic changes without potentially alienating their existing clients and partners. Based on that our team created a mobile-first WordPress website based essentially on the existing look and design, but updated to appear more relevant and sophisticated to help the firm stand out. This included styling specific images and page sections to meet the client’s exacting requirements. Their new WordPress website provides an excellent user experience across all devices.

Web Design & SEO

Special attention was given to incorporating their extensive existing blog and quickly directing site visitors to the appropriate content sections. We worked with Soha Lang through numerous design edits and tweaks to create a new WordPress site that matched the firm’s vision while providing a better user experience for existing and potential clients and partners. In order to increase the firm’s search rankings and visibility, we also incorporated some advanced on-page and on-site SEO techniques and strategies.
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