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  • Client: The State Hotel
  • Year: 2018
  • Role: WordPress Design
  • User Interface

  • User Experience

  • WordPress Design

  • User Interaction

  • Content Strategy

  • Creative Direction

The State Hotel Seattle is a historic property located in the Pioneer Square district in Seattle, WA. When this client first contacted us they did not have an online presence. With another property using the same name the client quickly wanted to establish themselves online. We recommended a single-page Parallax WordPress website to achieve their goals.

Art Direction & Content Strategy

The State Hotel Seattle is a commercial property with ground floor restaurants and short-term rentals and live-work lofts on the upper floors. Therefore their online presence had to meet a number of different requirements. The primary objective of the state Hotel Seattle is to keep the two AirBnB units occupied. Renting the live-work units and ground floor commercial spaces was a secondary concern. Therefore our WordPress design team focused on the images and content required for meeting the primary objective first.

Image Sourcing

The first step was to help the client source the required images showcasing both the property and rental units, as well as the surrounding historic district and amenities. The State Hotel Seattle is a fairly unique property, so together with the owner, we were able to create and optimize all required interior images. For the exterior and surrounding neighborhood images, we had to rely on our extensive stock archive of the area. We also worked with the State Hotel Seattle to create and structure the required text content.

UX / UI & WordPress Web Design

After that, we were ready to combine images and content into a sophisticated and modern single-page Parallax WordPress website. We structured the site into 14 vertical sections outlining the property history, amenities, and neighborhood attractions. To provide the required functionality we added a simple tabbed FAQ section, an online booking option, and an interactive map of the location. The final result is a very simple, yet elegant WordPress website that invites site visitors to explore the property and take the required action at the end.
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