PixoLabo - WordPress Security: 19 Tips to Protect Your WordPress Website

WordPress Security: 19 Tips To Protect Your Website In 2022

Did you know that over 30,000 new websites get hacked every day? Many website owners don’t know how to protect their websites, and most of them don’t even think about securing their WordPress websites. If you are among those people who have never bothered about WordPress security, stop wasting time and secure your WordPress sites as soon as possible.

PixoLabo - The Ultimate Guide for Getting Started with WordPress in 2022

The Ultimate Guide to Getting Started with WordPress in 2022

Getting started with WordPress can be a bit intimidating. As a result, many business owners fail to get the full benefits of launching a new WordPress website. Building your new site is only part of the process. By following these essential steps before and after launching your new WordPress website you will end up with a more secure and better performing online presence that will support your business objectives.

PixoLabo Why Are Wordpress Website Updates So Important

What Are WordPress Website Updates And Why Are They So Important?

Do you consider WordPress updates to be a nuisance, or simply forget about them? Or do you confuse WordPress updates with updating your website content or images? Here is what you need to know about keeping your WordPress site updated, how you can make regular updates, and what happens if you don’t.

PixoLabo - Essential WordPress Security Tips Any Business Owner Can Implement

9 Essential WordPress Security Tips Anyone Can Implement

Yes, WordPress sites are a frequent target for hackers. But that doesn’t mean your website has to be vulnerable. Our essential WordPress security tips are simple to implement and free to use in most cases. They will protect your WordPress website or e-commerce store from hackers, brute force attacks, malware intrusions, and other online threats.

ESPRESSO.digital - 8 Essential Strategies for Improving Your WordPress UX Design

8 Essential Strategies for Improving Your WordPress UX Design

WordPress provides a pretty good overall user experience right out of the box. But that may not be enough to meet the user expectations of increasingly sophisticated and demanding mobile consumers. Learn how you can provide a better WordPress user experience by implementing these simple strategies for improving WordPress UX design on your WordPress website or e-commerce store.


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