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Managed WordPress Hosting and Support

Website maintenance.

Are you ready to get the most from your website? Let us manage your WordPress website or online store so you can focus on managing your business.

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Managed WordPress solutions to support your business!

Perhaps you already have a WordPress website but are often irritated by glitches or concerned about your current network security. Or maybe you don’t yet have a site and are not sure what to do next. Either way, our WordPress hosting and optimization services provide peace of mind.

A well-maintained and regularly updated website reflects your business or product brand. Our WordPress website maintenance services help to increase sales and conversion rates.

A poorly maintained website will decrease sales and damage your reputation.

Website Maintenance

WordPress Core Updates
WordPress Theme Updates
WordPress Plugin Updates
Database Updates
Mobile Search
Scheduled Backups

Security Scans
Page Speed Improvement
Image Optimization
WordPress Migration
Website Security
Website Restoration

Why Maintain Your Website?

A website that is not maintained regularly can get attacked by hackers, run slow, and maybe you can lose your data.

When someone comes to your site, the last thing they want to do is sit and watch a loading symbol spin around for more than a few seconds. If your website is not optimized for speed and performance, you may see your visitors only stay on your site for a few moments before closing that window. When they close that window, your opportunity to turn that visitor into a customer is gone.

All types of websites need website maintenance services. A website presents an online reflection to the visitors who are its target market. Therefore, keeping your website updated and well-maintained with all the latest facts, buzz, and company information is essential. A website without timely maintenance soon fades from the visitor’s mind and faces significant loss when managing its online brand image.

What is Website Maintenance?

Many business owners launch their website and then seemingly forget about it. Even worse, many opt for the cheapest hosting option. As a result, their website or e-commerce store is neither protected from hackers nor optimized for performance.

WordPress website maintenance is an ongoing process to ensure your WordPress website or online store performs well, the content looks fresh, the website loads fast, and it keeps up with the security updates. By offering you our cost-effective website maintenance services, we keep your website updated and running smoothly.

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Website maintenance is a service that ranges from updates, performance, security, fixes, and migration – just about everything. It would be best if you did this consistently to keep your website healthy. This effort will avoid future glitches, downtime, and problems with your audience. Our WordPress designers and web developers will help you solve any issues. In addition, we can help you if you use a website builder.

How fast is your site?

Take the Google Page Speed Test, discover potential issues, and learn how to improve your website page speed.

Cost-Effective Website Maintenance Services

Our on-call or contract WordPress hosting and website maintenance services are cost-effective alternatives to in-house IT staff for many small to midsize firms. You can count on us if you need a trustworthy hosting provider, website maintenance, network security, or domain registration. We’re there for you, even if you have a quick WordPress question.

We help our clients’ websites achieve optimal performance and increase conversions and sales by identifying issues that may inhibit consumers from converting and implementing practical solutions. Our team of experts is well-versed in technical and creative website optimization services. That’s why businesses call PixoLabo when their websites aren’t converting customers.

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cost-effective website maintenance services

We’ve helped many clients work through technical issues, optimize their site for performance and page speed, or deal with potential security threats. If you need secure hosting for your e-commerce site or want to learn how simple security measures can protect your business, we will help!


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It does not matter if you are a super big agency, a fresh startup, or a tiny business. We want to hear from you if you have a project or idea to discuss.

Essential Website Maintenance

WordPress Updates

You know what? We get it- the stress that comes along with every new update. But you don’t need to read plugin update horror stories to learn that a poorly tested update might break your entire site! Our WordPress website maintenance plans guarantee to rid you of any plugin, theme, or WordPress core update headaches. And in case of any hiccups, we can easily roll back to the latest stable version.

WordPress Backups

While you don’t need to hear how important backups are, we’ll still tell you. WordPress website backups are just as important as backing up your contacts or pictures, so you never have to worry about losing anything. With any WordPress website maintenance plan we offer, backups are a task you can hand over to us. We’ll maintain and provide easy access to the most recent copy of your data.

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Security Scans

With our WordPress website maintenance packages, you will always be alerted about the slightest security concerns caught in our regular malware scan. And when you sign up with us, we will take your website through a preventive ‘Security Fix-up’ run to fix any conspicuous concerns, to be doubly secure.

Website Optimization and Updates

Page Speed Optimization

An often overlooked strategy, website speed optimization services are crucial to great SEO. Without ensuring that your website loads quickly for visitors, your site will likely lose conversions and revenue. Nearly half of web searchers won’t wait three seconds for a page to load before bouncing to another website. Is your site fast enough to keep users around? If not, our site speed optimization services can help.

Content Updates

As your company grows, your products, services, and prices will inevitably change. Therefore, businesses need a consistent schedule and process for updating outdated content, changing existing service prices, and more. Our website maintenance services keep your company website current for users.

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E-Commerce Support

If you’re an e-commerce company, updating your website with your latest sales, promotions, and more is essential. You keep your business competitive when your company provides special promotions, discount programs, and more. Our website maintenance services enable you to strengthen your sales with unique offers for shoppers.

Our Maintenance Plans

WordPress Plans

Included in all WordPress Plans:

  • WordPress Core Updates
  • WordPress Theme + Plugin Updates
  • WordPress Backups
  • Database Backups
  • Database Cleanup
  • Content Updates
  • Malware Scans
  • Page Speed Optimization

E-Commerce Plans

Included in all E-Commerce Plans:

  • Everything in our WordPress Plans
  • Online Store Management
  • Order Tracking
  • Product Updates
  • Pricing + Offer Updates
  • Standard Image Optimization
  • Basic Image Retouching
  • Functionality Updates
  • Spam Comment Removal
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Additional Services

The following services are available by the hour:

  • New Custom Page Design
  • Site-wide Redesign
  • Website Navigation Redesign
  • Advanced Image Editing/Manipulation
  • Interactive Component Design
  • Content Creation
  • Website Migration
  • Website Restoration
  • Search Engine Optimization

Are you looking for website or e-commerce support?

Download our website and e-commerce maintenance plans in PDF format and select the one that best fits your requirements.


Our clients praise us for our great results.

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Your partner for website maintenance.

Our team of web designers, WordPress experts, and e-commerce developers endeavor to create seamless and stress-free website maintenance and support for all our clients. We are available to manage and support your website or online store.

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