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We don't follow trends,
we create them.

PixoLabo is a creative, flexible and affordable WordPress web design agency. Our team blurs the gap between creativity and technology, and continues to push the boundaries of what is possible with web design and WordPress. Our goal is to help your business or product brand get the most out of your website!

As a result of continuously emerging new technologies, we cannot use the term ‘web design’
in the traditional sense any more. In our mobile-first web design process, the needs of individual
users are always considered and technical issues loose the limiting role they used to have.

Planning & Strategy

Together with our clients we develop the best possible strategy for establishing and growing their online presence.

Information Architecture

Based on our clients’ needs we develop a simple and effective content strategies and information architecture.

Web Design & Development

Our mobile-first web design and development practices help our clients meet demanding mobile user expectations.

UX/UI Design

We carefully finetune all design elements so our clients can provide an exceptional user experience across all devices.

E-Commerce Solutions

From e-commerce design to shopping carts and payment gateways we help our clients to sell their products online.

Website Optimization

We provide hosting, SEO, and support services to allow our clients to focus on their business instead of their website.

"Design is in everything we make, but it’s also between those things.
It’s a mix of craft, science, storytelling, propaganda, and philosophy."

Erik Adigard

You can count on us, if you need a new website or want to have your old one rebuilt!

Make sure you have a state-of-the-art website that is able to perform its tasks. Does it really meet your customers’ demands? If you think your website needs rebuilding or you need a new website, do not hesitate to contact us.

But first check out some of our recent projects…


A Proven WordPress Web Design Agency

We combine strategy, creative, and technology to connect
modern businesses to demanding mobile consumers.
Let’s build an awesome website together!


Helping you identify obstacles and developing sustainable strategies to overcome them.


Designing elegant and functional solutions to help your business connect with your target audience.


Implementing the latest technology to improve the user experience of your online visitors.

Let’s Talk About Your Project

For us, each project is unique!

Every one of our clients has a different business, specific business objectives, and expectations.
Our job is to make their vision and requirements come to life.
Only when our clients succeed is our job done!


Say Hello and Talk to Us!

Don’t be shy and say hello! Whether you have a detailed design in mind or just a vague idea,
we will help you to develop it. Email and ask for a free and personalized consultation and estimate.

Let’s Talk About Your Project

Are you looking for a new website or online store, or want to update your old one? Share a few details and we will help you establish and grow your online presence!

Let’s Talk About Your Idea

It doesn’t matter if you have only a few doodles on a napkin or a fully developed concept. Share your excitement with us and we will help you bring your idea to life!

Let’s Talk About Your Concerns

Are you not getting found online? Is your site not providing a good user experience? Do you have security concerns? We are here to help you find a solution.

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