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PixoLabo - 8 Key Elements of a Compelling Brand Logo

8 Key Elements of a Compelling Brand Logo that Gets Noticed

8 Key Elements of a Compelling Brand Logo that Gets Noticed

Simply put, your logo is the key to any effective brand strategy. Your logo is also an essential aspect of establishing a compelling brand. Not having a professionally designed logo will hurt you! For most customers, your logo will be their first impression of your brand. That is why an effective logo is essential for your brand recognition.

Just think of Apple, Nike, or McDonald’s, and you get the idea. A poorly designed or (gasp!) clip art logo creates a terrible first impression. Learn how you can do better by identifying the elements of a compelling logo.

When you begin to develop your brand, you most likely will start with your logo. Logos do a lot of heavy lifting for your brand strategy right from the start. An effective logo provides a relationship-building framework and forms the basis for building a strong brand.

So, what makes a compelling brand logo? It combines subtle visual cues that give a solid first impression. Your logo should be a quick read that clearly conveys your name, along with colors and shapes that further indicate what your brand represents.

PixoLabo - What is a Compelling Brand Logo?

Your logo must look professional and clear to make people confident to do business with you. A professional logo excludes any clip art or logos built with an online logo generator. Why should other people trust you if you don’t invest in your brand?

A Logo That Defines What You Do

One of the easiest ways to do this is to include an icon or design element that quickly communicates what your business does precisely. A misleading logo gives the impression that you don’t quite know what you are doing or where you are going.

A Logo That Communicates Your Brand Message

Along with visual clues, you want to pick fonts and colors that represent your brand message. Choose design elements that further enhance your brand image and spread your brand message.

A modern-looking and feeling logo communicates that you know current industry trends and will employ the most efficient and advanced tactics to help your business. If your logo is more than ten years old, you should consider refreshing it.

Simplicity and straightforwardness communicate confidence and power, which is what you want. Overly elaborate or detailed logos tend to confuse customers. And at small sizes, such as on your website or business cards, all those little details are lost anyway.

Don’t get tied down with a logo that only works one way. Especially in today’s digital world, your logo must perform equally well in various sizes across multiple devices. Besides being your logo, it may also have to function as a favicon, profile image, or icon for your social profiles.

A Logo That Stands Out from The Competition

Ownability is king. You want your logo to be unique to you and not be confused with another brand, especially your competitors. Take a look at your competitors’ logos before you decide on your own. Always remember, if you don’t own your brand, someone else will!

A Logo That Forms Personal Connections

Excellent communication is a foundation of good business. You can set the right direction with a simple, concise logo that builds personal connections. Many consumers check out a brand for the first time simply because something in the logo attracted them or roused their interest.

PixoLabo - Creating a Compelling Brand Logo

Now that you understand the elements of an effective logo, you may need to look closely at your logo and see how it measures up. We always recommend first starting with the “low-hanging fruit”. Maybe you just need to clean it up, choose a better font, or find a more suitable color palette.

In some cases, however, you are better off starting from scratch and creating a new brand logo and perhaps even a new brand strategy. Our elements of a compelling brand logo outline all the pieces you need to consider. You may want to consider working with a professional graphic designer or brand strategist to guide you by creating an effective logo for your brand. We are here to help.

PixoLabo - A Web Design Team Focused on UX

Is your business or product company not getting noticed? Do you need an impactful brand identity? Our team can help you determine what type of logo and brand image you need to stand out from the digital noise.

Is Your Branding Effective?

Does your existing brand image and identity help you stand out from your competitors? Or do you feel it lacks in some way? Please feel free to comment below so our audience can benefit and grab our feed, so you don’t miss our next post! And feel free to share our post with your audience!

Thank you! We appreciate your help ending bad business websites, one pixel at a time!

By Gregor Saita
Co-Founder / CXO

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